A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is my game for Brackey's game jam 2021.1 my first game jam, I made this game in a week,i used assets from the unity asset store like models for the player,enemy,environment,sound and font UI. 

The game is simple you have 3 soldiers to fight with you need to kill all enemies  if one of them dies the game is over,  so you need to manage which soldier you will attack with the two soldiers in the back will fire long range attacks to help you.

Because it's my first game jam i didn't do much , i had a plane to make ability system so when ever there is two soldiers near each other they will preform an ability,but I'am happy with what i have accomplished since it's my first game jam.

My advice if you want to learn Unity read unity documentation or watch a tutorial on Youtube then join a game jam even if you had no experience,you will learn through making a game for the jam and you will have a lot of fun,so the best way to learn something is to make a project with it.

Hope you enjoyed the jam and enjoyed playing my game, i would love to get feedback on the game.    

Install instructions

just download the sip file unzip it and double click on the exe. 


We_need_each_other_linux.zip 44 MB
We_need_each_other_windows.zip 41 MB

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